The Budding Musician

Do you have students too young to begin The Excellent Pianist? Try these two volumes!

These two volumes are for ages 4-8. Students do not need to read or write and there are plenty of activities to keep them busy: clapping, stomping, singing, giggling, exploring, improvising, stories and games.

There are over 20 lessons in each volume. Each lesson lasts 8-13 minutes.  Many young beginners can only handle a 15-20 minute lesson before they start to squirm. Work through these lesson together the last 10 minutes of your lesson or have the parents introduce each lesson at home. Rent
your set to the parents so the student can review each lesson at home with their parents. It takes about 6 months to work through each volume.

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Great Fun for Your Young Students!

The Budding Musician
This volume has one main goal: to help the child succeed at learning music.  It seeks to accomplish this by shaping a child's attitude toward music and practicing while sequencing the learning of rhythm and melody.  It is great preparation for The Excellent Pianist.  Based on the principles developed by Kodaly, Dalcroze, and Thompson.  ($79) CD's.

Are You Listening?
This volume helps the child to develop good listening skills.  (Many teachers use it with their older students as well).  Good listening skills are prerequisite to higher level thinking skills of synthesis, problem solving and creating.  Careful nurturing of these skills helps your student to reach the highest levels of musical understanding and enjoyment.  You'll love it!  ($79) CD's

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