Excellence in Music

Excellence in Music is a 7-volume work. Each volume contains more than 24 lessons on CD and a workbook.  When they finish all seven volumes, the student will have a 7-volume reference with over 600 pages. This course covers lessons in music history, practice tips, technique, sight singing, melodic harmonic and rhythmic dictation, modes, how to perform and deal with performance anxiety, composition, harmony, counterpoint, the lives and works of the great composers, musical style, musical form, analysis and more.  All of this is in a sequential and easy to use, format. 

This outstanding music course is used by thousands of students in private studios and schools in five different countries. When all the volumes of Excellence in Music are combined with your expert teaching, your students will have a music education very close to college level, at a fraction of the cost. Imagine your enhanced reputation as your students are recognized as being among the most prepared, well rounded and intelligent musicians in your community.

Excellence in Music is like having a staff of skilled assistants who guide and motivate students through a fascinating account of music history, music forms, ear training and other essentials. Everything moves faster! No computer course takes your students this far, covers as many different aspects of music, and prepares them as thoroughly in a sequential course of instruction.

They'll be challenged!
They'll be motivated!!
They'll learn in an enjoyable, self-directed approach!!!

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