Excellence in Music: Vol. 1

In the first volume, students spend a lot of time perfecting a few basic skills that will form a foundation for rapid development in later volumes. Sight singing (with its counterparts of melodic and rhythmic dictation), note names, counting, transposition, dynamics, scale writing, and more are all introduced.  Lots of activities keep the learning enjoyable. 

Teachers and students of all ages and skill levels have reported great benefits of listening and applying the principles taught. These CD’s teach students how the mind works. Once they realize how the mind learns, they can work with the mind to achieve amazing results! Indeed, amazing results begin to occur as the student applies the principles taught in tapes 9, 10, and 11.

These CD’s help build within the student a desire to develop to their full potential in music and in life.

Excellence in Music: Volume 1 • 9 CD’s and one workbook ($129)

  • CD 1: Magic of Inner Hearing Lessons A, B, C
  • CD 2: Magic of Inner Hearing Lessons D, E, F
  • CD 3: Magic of Inner Hearing Lessons G, H, I, J
  • CD 4: Magic of Inner Hearing Lessons K, L, M
  • CD 5: Magic of Inner Hearing Lessons N, O, P
  • CD 6: The Five-Dollar Job • You Can Be a Great Performer
  • CD 7: 1X4 Practicing Life Through Music • A String With Zing
  • CD 8: The Magnet of the Mind • The Magic of Sight Reading
  • CD 9: Those Marvelous Scales and Chords • The History of Notation

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