Excellence in Music: Vol. 1.5

Excellence in Music: Volume 1.5 7 CD’s and one workbook ($129)

  • CD 1-4: Magic of Inner Hearing Lessons
  • CD 5: That Four-Letter Word, Rocking Horse, On the Playground
  • CD 6: Food and Music, pts. 1&2
  • CD 7: Musical Style parts 1-3


This volume is for the student that isn't quite ready for volume two. Younger students (and older students for whom music is difficult) will appreciate the review this volume provides. If your student has any trouble with note names, sight singing, key signatures, or melodic dictation, they should do this volume. This volume also lays a foundation for success in volume two.

There are 24 total lessons. Eight of the lessons deal with musical history and style, composition and imagination, understanding the language of music and practicing.  Emphasis is placed on having fun through music (much like Are You Listening and The Beginning Pianist.) It takes a student about 6 months to work through this volume.

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