Excellence in Music: Volume 2

Excellence in Music: Volume 2 11 CD’s and one workbook ($129)

  • CD 1-3: Magic of Inner Hearing: Lessons A-H
  • CD 4: The Beginnings of Music • Music in the Renaissance
  • CD 5: Music in the Baroque • Music in the Classic Period
  • CD 6: Johann Sebastian Bach
  • CD 7: George F. Handel
  • CD 8: Wolfgang Mozart
  • CD 9: Franz Josef Haydn
  • CD 10: Ludwig van Beethoven
  • CD 11: Vision: The Child is Father of the Man • You Can Be a Great Performer, pt. 2


To the basic skills taught in volume one, ledger lines and a few basic rules of harmony and chord structure are added. From this start, students begin (in volumes 2 and 3) moving through each of the major keys to develop mastery of our musical notation system. The emphasis on ear training continues. On tapes 5 and 6, students begin a three-hour tour of music through the ages. (The romantic period and 20th century are reviewed in vol. 3). Composers are studied with the intent to entice students past the beginning stage to the intermediate and advanced level. The first side of each composer tape discusses the composer's life. The second side discusses the how's and why's of music style. (Your students will learn why Bach sounds like Bach and Mozart like Mozart). Musical textures, forms of counterpoint, sonata-allegro form and many other musical mysteries are discussed in an easy to understand way that has been a proven winner among teachers, parents and students. There are more than 24 lessons in this volume.

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