Excellence in Music:  Volume 4

Excellence in Music:  Volume 4 10 CD’s and one workbook ($129)

  • CD 1-4: Magic of Inner Hearing, Lessons A-L
  • CD 5: Antonio Vivaldi/The Suite
  • CD 6: Frederic Chopin
  • CD 7: Edvard Grieg/Concerto
  • CD 8: Franz Liszt
  • CD 9: Berlioz/Wagner
  • CD 10: From Mystery to Mastery


The joy of studying music continues in volume four.  In this volume, a student will learn alternate chord names; recognize, identify, write and sing three forms of the minor scale in 12 keys; circle of fifths; more advanced melodic, rhythmic and harmonic dictation exercises; sight sing in minor keys using la based minor; diminished and augmented intervals and chords; beginning exercises in 4 part harmony. • Other tapes instruct the student in composer's lives, the history of the suite and concerto; idιe fixe, thematic transformation and leitmotif; introduction to opera; exoticism and nationalism in the romantic period; the development of the sonata and the relationship between sonata, concerto, symphony, suite, and quartet; absolute music and program music; and great ideas for productive practice by the dynamic teacher, Suzanne Guy.  These are just a few of the many things your students will learn in volume 4.

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