Excellence in Music: Volume 5

Excellence in Music:  Volume 5 10 CD’s and one workbook ($129)

  • CD 1-4: The Magic of Inner Hearing,   Lessons A-L 
  • CD 5: Felix Mendelssohn • The Oratorio 
  • CD 6: Robert Schumann • The Character Piece
  • CD 7: Franz Schubert • The Art Song
  • CD 8: Peter Tchaikovsky • The Ballet
  • CD 9: Johannes Brahms, pt. 1&2
  • CD 10: Strauss and Offenbach


Students who finish volume 5 will have developed the skills of a college music student nearing the end of their first year.  They will be prepared to pass level 12 of the MTNA exams with greater depth and understanding.  •  The teacher and parents will all be impressed with the student's achievement as they gain experience writing in four parts, learn the rules of harmonic progression, the function of each chord and be able to recognize by sight and sound harmonic progressions using every triad of the major and minor scale.  •  They will also recognize, compose and harmonize melodies using 15 different scales (including 6 modes, blues, Hungarian minor and others)!  In volume five an emphasis is placed on music of the romantic period.  •  Students will be fascinated as they learn about the history of dance, the ballet, the character piece, the art song, song cycles, and oratorio.  Inspiring stories and examples continue to be a part of this volume to help the student learn qualities necessary to high achievement on the piano and in life. •  This volume contains 24 lessons (6 months of work). 

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