Excellence in Music: Volume 6

Excellence in Music:  Volume 6 8 CD’s and one workbook ($129)

  • CD 1-4: The Magic of Inner Hearing,  Lessons A-L
  • CD 4: Music in the Middle Ages:  Medieval Forms
  • CD 5: Music in the Middle Ages: The development of music through the mass
  • CD 6: Music in the Middle Ages: The Great Ones, pts. 1&2
  • CD 7: Music in the Renaissance: The Great Ones, pt. 1&2 / Musical Forms
  • CD 8: Music in the Renaissance: The Great Ones, pt. 3&4


Students will complete their studies in common practice harmony.  They will understand and be able to use every functional chord in common practice (including N6, It6, Gr6, Aug 5th, doubly augmented sixths, half diminished, 9ths, 11ths, and 13th chords.)  They also learn basic pop applications of common practice harmony.  Melodic and rhythmic dictation is now combined in the same exercise.  •   Students also learn how to direct music using the fly swatting method!  This very enjoyable approach will not only have your students looking like a modern day Toscanini, it will take care of the summer fly problem in your studio (without harmful insecticides!).  In addition, they will gain experience preparing a score for rehearsal, conduct prep beats, learn to give cues, indicate tempo changes, dynamics and use their left hand.  •  Your students had an introduction to the music of the renaissance and middle ages in volume two.  Now they will get to dig more deeply into these fascinating periods of time.  A student who successfully completes vol. 6 will be prepared to take the AP Music Theory Exam.  •  There are more than 24 lessons (about 6 months of work).

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