Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do all of my students need a workbook?
    Yes!  The workbook is an important part of helping the student learn from the tapes.  It also enables the student to keep track of their progress.  As students come to their lesson each week, they open their workbook, see which recording they are to work with, pop it into the CD player and listen.  It is entirely self-directed.  Very easy to use.

  2. Should my advanced students start with volume one?
    Yes.  Advanced students should start with volume one.  I have never seen a student start with volume two, and make it past volume two.  It gets too hard.  Level one gives them the foundation they need to succeed.  And yet, much of what is in level one will be review.  So, here is what you do:

    a. Acknowledge their knowledge.  Say something like,
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