Free Demo Cd

We offer two free demo CDís.  If you are interested in the seven volumes of Excellence in Music, ask for

  • CD #1:  Increase Your Effectiveness and Profits as a Private Music Teacher

If you are interested in our course for the younger student (ages 4-7), ask for

  • CD #2:  The Budding Musician Demo CD

There are two easy ways to order your free CDís:

  1. Order through the mail
    Send your request along with your name and address to:

    Music Wonderful Music
    Box 652
    Waterford, CA 95386

  2. Order by phone using our toll-free number:  1-888-271-1453
    When you use the phone, you will hear a brief recorded message after which you may leave your order on the answering machine. 
    • Clearly tell us your name and address (spell any unusual spellings).
    • Tell us which free CD you would like to order (or order both of them).

It's easy!  If you need to talk to someone, give us your phone number and we will get back to you right away.


Call toll free 1-888-271-1453 ē P.O. Box 652 Waterford, CA 95386