History of Music Wonderful Music

Have you ever been teaching a student and you get a great idea that really works?  You think, “I have got to remember to share this with all of my other students.”  You remember to share it with the next two, but after that, you forget.  Sometimes you’ve taught some things to some students and forget to teach it to others (or were sidetracked).  And yet it is something that should be taught to everyone!

Or perhaps you feel the common music teacher complaint of so much to teach in too little time. 

I noticed that there were many of the same things that I tried to tell to all of my students: how to practice, how to count, motivational pep talks, music theory, composition, harmony, counterpoint, ear training, conducting, music history and more.  I thought I ought to put all of these important lessons on a recording, and then I wouldn’t have to spend so much time repeating myself.  Let the recording do what it does best (repeat, repeat, repeat), and let me do what I do best (polish, polish, polish their talent). 

So, I did.  I researched how people learn music.  I tested, revised and refined the lessons with hundreds of students over a period of 9 years.  In the end, a series of recordings were created for my students to save me time and to make sure that I covered everything with every student.  I wanted to make the furthest reach of musical understanding available to every student.

After I began using the recordings with my students, they began receiving scholarships and awards.  Other teachers noticed the level of musical understanding.   Word spread about the recordings and how effective they were.  In 1987, Music Wonderful Music was formed to distribute these recordings to all interested teachers.  Now the materials published by Music Wonderful Music are being used in every state and five foreign countries.  Parents and teachers in music schools, public schools, home schools, and private studios use them.

I believe that you, too, can benefit from the advantages of using these materials to increase the musical understanding of your students.

Call toll free 1-888-271-1453   •  P.O. Box 652    Waterford, CA  95386

Call toll free 1-888-271-1453 • P.O. Box 652 Waterford, CA 95386