What Our Customers Have Said...

Since Iíve been using Excellence in Music in my studio, I have had many positive responses.  There are some things I wish I had more time during lesson period to spend doing with each student, so I have told them that you are an extension of the studio, and a partner of mine to help them fine tune many important aspects of their learning and enjoying music.  They look forward to getting a new lesson each week.  That goes for adults, too. 

N. G. 

This has been a godsend to me, truly.  I am in a culturally deprived area where most students have very little musical, cultural background.  I wanted more for them.  This is what I have been searching for, plus the emphasis on high ideals and values is wonderful, too.  I listen to all the recordings myself.

North Carolina

Thank you for your wonderful work in this area.  These recordings have taught my students more than my computer lab.


It has been one year since I first started my students on your recordings.  I actually got them to give something extra for my more talented students, but as it turned out they have helped my students who werenít doing so well.  They are learning their songs faster, playing rhythmically correct, sight reading on their own, more confident in performing and enthusiastic about music lessons!  They come to me eager to show me what they can do and I, or course, have learned a lot too.  Thanks Brad, for all your hard work and showing us a better way. 

I canít tell you how impressed I am with your program.  It is the best sequential learning approach to ear training and sight singing I have ever used.  The young kids really like the listening activity tapes and I use the books not only with my private students, but also at a residential psychiatric facility.  Your program works!  My high school students are ready for college theory 101 and thoroughly understand the materials. 


Thanks for all your work.  My adult students are eating the program up!

Bless you for enhancing/improving my teaching ability.  Iím really enjoying my work that doesnít seem like work and my group of students are motivated and enthusiastic.


Thanks again for being part of a very successful year.  The tape series is such an excellent teaching tool.  I canít understand why other teachers donít take advantage of them.  [Perhaps] the idea that anything you do on the computer is better.  These recordings far surpass anything Iíve seen for the computer.


Most every one of my students has been singled out by their school music teachers because of the excellent preparation they had.  Thanks for all the accolades Iím receiving from other teacherís and parents that are really due to you.

Wanted to let you know how your course has inspired my piano students.  Three years ago, my student, Teresa, started Volume 1, then 2, then 3.  After hearing your assignment on writing a composition, she began writing/composing her songÖand recently played it in her middle school talent contest.  She won 1st place!  The school kids still donít believe she actually composed it, but I can prove it!  Anyway, now Teresa has inspired the rest of my students to compose. 

South Carolina

I have a 10th grader who is now in volume 5.  She took a special test in humanities recently (only a few students were asked to do this test).  She told her mother and me that she knew so much because of her study of these recordings [in Excellence in Music].

Rhode Island

Iím just hooked on your work!  I am inspired, and motivated by the scope and orderliness of your work.  I only wish I was just beginning to teach rather than winding down.  However, the over-active brain cries for ďMore!  More!Ē  What satisfaction Iím finding in your recordings.


What I noticed most when I started using [this course] is how different the atmosphere in the studio became when two children came together.  They were suddenly happier and more comfortable.  They cooperated with each other and looked forward to seeing each other.  It took some of the hardship out of coming to piano lessons.  Thank you for the work you have done.  I appreciate the scholarship and the attitude that your tapes convey to the students.  I hope I never teach without you again.


Thank you for this marvelous series.  They are a valuable asset and addition to my studio and teaching.  The kids love the music history portion.  So well done.  Thank you!


Brad, I also am enjoying the recordings.  I, along with my students, are learning a lot, and reviewing things that I have forgotten since college days.

I have been using Excellence in Music since September, and it is fantastic.  I anít say enough about it.  I feel that if I stick to your program I will advance my students WAY PAST any school here in New York.

New York

Iíve taken 30 hours of college theory, but this is the best thing I have ever seen.  Iíve tired to let people know how much lesson time it saves and how it helps the children.

I have a 12-year old piano student in the 7th grade.  This year she was chosen to accompany her jazz choir at school.  She did an excellent job at her school concert.  Her choir director commented that she has a ďfine ear.Ē  I give credit for her ear to Excellence in Music, which she has studied for four years.


Thank you for your amazing and inspiring tapes and newsletters.

The course is wonderful and I am having excellent results with my students.
New York


Thank you so much for your wonderful course.  I got it to work on by myself because its something I wanted to learn (especially the theory).  Your style makes it so easy to pick up.   Would be able to learn with even trying (because you are so clear).  I think about it all day at work then race home to get started on the next bit. 

I appreciate all your recordings for use with my students.  I am especially enjoying ďThe Budding MusicianĒ with a group of 4 beginners this fall.  We go through one side of a tape at each lesson and they take home a copy to listen to at home.  They really enjoy participating in the activities and I am happy for them to get added practice in steady beat, etc.  I will be eager to see volume two. 


Bravo!! To you for the enthusiastic lessons you have prepared with [Excellence in Music]  The confidence, humor, facts, and good common sense demonstrated in your presentations are very powerful reinforcement to what is taught in the studio.  The students are singing willingly, very attentive to your directions, find the lessons fun, and are generally enjoying the experience.  Iíll save more adulation for later.


You will be happy to know that at the October meeting of our Music Teachers Association, your recordings were mentioned on the program and lauded as wonderful.  This person only had the parent tape [Teaching Your Children to Practice Cheerfully] and the Five Dollar Job and said it had totally changed the attitude in her studio.


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